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  • Enroll today in Mapleton Public Schools!

    In Mapleton, we are committed to raising expectations, providing choices for learning and removing obstacles for all students so that we can guarantee all students will graduate career and college ready.

    Mapleton is not your ordinary school district.

    In Mapleton, there are no "neighborhood schools."  This means that instead of being automatically enrolled in your neighborhood school, we invite you to select from a full menu of schools based on the learning style, interests, and passions of your child. We do our very best to place your child in your first-choice school. However, if we are unable to place your child in your first-choice school, we will make every effort to place your child in your second or third choice school. If you would like to place your child on a waitlist for your first choice school, please contact the Welcome Center, 303.853.1780.

    In Mapleton, you select your school and we get you there!

    If you live within Mapleton's district boundaries, we will provide transportation to your school of choice (if you live a mile or more from your school of choice). This applies to all students living within district boundaries and more than one mile away from their school of choice. Click here for more information about Mapleton's comprehensive transportation system. 


    Mapleton's Application for Enrollment Process

    Step 1: Learn about Mapleton's schools that are small-by-design

    Mapleton offers 18 schools that are small-by-design with different education models, including Expeditionary Learning, International Baccalaureate, STEM, University Partnership, Big Picture, Young Adult, to name a few.

    To learn more about Mapleton's schools and select the best school for you and your family, you may:

    • Visit our school websites
    • Contact our schools to schedule a visit
    • Visit our Welcome Center

    Step 2: Complete and submit your application here: Apply Online

    Specific documents are required when enrolling a child in Mapleton Public Schools. A list of all required documents is available here.

    Visit our Welcome Center, 8990 York St., Thornton, for help with registration or to submit documents in person.


    Step 3: Student Placement

    New applicants during the school year: 

    Online applicants - The Welcome Center will review the application. Once all the required documents have been received the Welcome Center will send an email to the parent/guardian confirming school placement and next steps in completing registration at the school.

    In-person applicants (at the Welcome Center) - Parents/guardians are welcome to complete either the online application or paper application in person at the Welcome Center. All required documents should be submitted when the application is completed. Parents/guardians will receive a confirmation form to take to the school to complete the registration process.

    For Next School Year: For students currently enrolled in Mapleton:

    Students will be automatically rolled up into the next grade at their current school unless your student meets one of the reasons below:

    • The student is in a school that does not offer a continuing grade level as part of their design will need to choose a choose. For example, an 8th grader attending a Prek - 8th grade school will need to select a school that offers 9th grade.
    • All current preschool students turning 5 years old by October 1 will need to select a school for kindergarten. Preschool students are not automatically enrolled in kindergarten at their current school.
    • Parents/guardians want to transfer students to a new school within Mapleton Public Schools
    • Applications will be available online or at the Welcome Center in mid-January.

    Please note:

    • Special Education Services: We coordinate with our Integrated Services, Special Populations Department on an individual basis to ensure that we have the resources to support your child.
    • Expelled Students: Students under expulsion will have their application sent to Student Services for review.
    • Transportation: The District is not able to provide transportation for out-of-district students.
    • Waitlist: The Waitlist will only be in effect until the end of the last week of August.


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