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    Big Picture College and Career Academy

    A Big Picture Model School


    Big Picture College and Career Academy guides students to explore their personal interests and passions through engaging, authentic, and rigorous experiences.

    At Big Picture College and Career Academy, students experience a college-preparatory environment balancing classes, seminars, independent learning, real-world learning through professional internships and business studies, and access to college courses. Freshman students begin their academic career at Big Picture with a business and entrepreneurship program that introduces them to all sides of business organization, creation, and management. Sophomores, juniors, and seniors hone their leadership, business and entrepreneurship skills with real-world learning at an internship site two days per week.


    Students, parents and a community mentor are active participants in the design and assessment of the student’s personalized learning plan, which starts with the student’s own interests. Learning Plans are framed by independent project-based learning, real-world learning through professional internships, and access to college courses.  


    By staying with the same advisor and a small advisory for all four years, students are supported by a strong culture of high standards, accountability, and support. BPCCA students learn to become problem-solvers, lifelong learners and cooperative members of the community, preparing them for college, careers and beyond.


    Distinguishing features of BPCCA

    Authentic Assessment

    • Exhibitions
    • Gateway
    • Narratives – student and teacher

    Student-centered Learning

    • Independent projects and learning
    • Learning Through Volunteering (LTV)
    • Part of a small learning advisory (approx. 20 students)
    • One-on-one meetings with advisor

    Real-World Learning

    • Business management and entrepreneurship program every Tuesday and Thursday for 9th graders
    • Large-group and small-group volunteering
    • Job Interviews and Professional Shadowing
    • Internships - two days per week in a real-work setting for 10th – 12th grade students


    Check out our school fun facts sheet below! 

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    School Address:
    7350 N. Broadway Ste. 200,
    Denver, CO 80221


    Brian Barringer

    School Hours:
    8:05 a.m. - 3:20 p.m.