Welcome to Valley View Innovation School!

  • Valley View Innovation School (VVIS) is a PK-8 project-based learning school powered by curiosity. Valley View will open in August as a PreK-2, and a grade level will be added each year until the school grows into a PreK-8. VVIS features flexible and sophisticated designs unexpected in a PK-8 school, including creative and intentional deviations from traditional classroom settings and structures. This innovative setting empowers students to not just learn content, but live content. At each grade level, students build their academic year around three or more engaging, multi-disciplinary projects that rigorously address Colorado Academic standards. Fueled by each student’s engaging, thoughtful, and complex questions, projects come to life in one of six Immersion Studios – robotics, technology, culinary arts, art, music, and science. Projects incorporate more standards at one time and build cross-curricular connections.

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