• Valley View

    Advance to Success

    Valley View K-8 is a small school of choice with a strong commitment to its learning community. Our mission is to guarantee that each student has solid skills in reading, writing, and mathematics and that students are able to apply these skills with self-confidence and integrity through an educational environment characterized by:

    • High expectations
    • A well-balanced core of subjects at each grade level
    • Engaging, targeted, and rigorous instruction
    • Ownership of student achievement among staff, students, families and community members
    • A nurturing, safe, respectful, and inclusive environment.

    Valley View is proudly rooted in the history and strength of its community and honors the voice and participation of parents in educating their children. We are committed to helping students develop skills to problem-solve, apply their knowledge, resolve conflict, and persevere. We hold ourselves and others accountable for cultivating and maintaining high standards of achievement in academics, behavior and character development.

    Valley View students are…

    Students who are active participants in the learning process.
    Students who are hard-working and committed to partnerships with teachers.
    Students who embody self-discipline, respect, integrity, and honesty.
    Students who want to grow and learn in an engaging environment, with rigorous academic standards.

    School Specs

    Kindergarten – 8th Grade
    Engaging, purposeful opportunities for students to explore and practice content and skills
    Workshop model for delivery of instruction
    Content area teachers at the middle level
    Social studies and Science curriculum are integrated into reading and writing to make learning authentic and real for students 

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