• After School Programming and Care

    Welcome to the After School Programming and Care Homepage.  At Clayton Partnership we offer two programming options to help meet the diverse needs of our students and families.  DOCK and Tony Grampsas After School Enrichment Programming. 

    DOCK is our after school care options for families with older siblings or parents that need carea nd supervision from 3:10- 4:00pm, Monday-Friday, when school is in session. We provide this option for families that have registered with our program cooridinators and accepted into the program.  For additional questions please reach out to Diana Lujan lujand@mapleton.us or Michelle Roderick roderickm@mapleton.us


    Tony Grampsas After School Enrichment Programming is our rotating after school program that offeres enrichment programming in different interest domains. Each day of the week we partner with outside agencies to provide exciting and amazing sessions. Students register for each day of the week's sessions based on their personal interests. Session run from 3:10-4:30pm.  For additional information please connect with our Tony Grampsas Corridinator, Nalleli Villasana at villasanan@mapleton.us .