• School Uniform Policy

    Uniforms are mandatory for all 4-12 students. To provide an environment conducive to optimal
    and safe learning absent of unnecessary distraction, and in an effort toward the implementation,
    facilitation, and perpetuation of school unity, the following dress will be observed and enforced.
    No students will be allowed to enter class without the proper uniform. It is expected that all
    students will be dressed in full uniform at all times, starting on the first day of school, until the last
    day of classes. Full uniform must be worn for all school events unless otherwise indicated.


    • Clothing may not have holes or rips
    • Undergarments should not be visible
    • Sunglasses: No sunglasses allowed in the building without a written doctor’s prescription.
    • Tattoos: Tattoos that distract from the learning environment must remain covered at all
    • Hats, Caps and Bandannas: Hats or caps may not be worn in the building. Bandannas of
    any color are not allowed on school grounds.
    • Logos: Logos or brand names (with the exception of the GLA logo) should not exceed ½
    by 1 ½ inch. Inappropriate or offensive logos are not allowed on any items of clothing.
    • Students participating in Mapleton clubs and/or sports may wear their team uniform or club


    • Shirts may be solid white, solid dark green, solid navy blue, solid grey, or solid black
    • Shirts must be long enough to tuck in and must remain tucked in during school hours
    • Global, Mapleton, or Skyview gear may be worn



    • Pants must be solid black, solid navy blue, or khaki dress slacks
    • Solid black jeans are permitted (faded black jeans are not permitted)
    • Pants may not sag. Pants 1” below the waistline are considered sagging
    • Pajamas, spandex-type or breakaway pants are not permitted
    • Blue denim (jeans) pants are not permitted



    Dresses, Skirts, and Shorts

    • Solid navy, black, or khaki dresses, skirts and shorts with no logos or brand names on them
    are allowed
    • Dresses, skirts, jumpers and shorts may not be more than 4” above the middle of the
    kneecap and cannot be ragged, tight fitting, see-through, or spandex
    • Tights must be solid black, green, navy, grey, or white
    Sweaters, Vests, Hoodies and Blazers
    • Solid white, black, grey, navy, or dark green sweaters, vests, and blazers are allowed. These
    must be worn with a shirt underneath when appropriate
    • Global, Mapleton, or Skyview hooded sweatshirts may be worn. Hoods must be off the
    head when in the building
    • Solid dark colored cloth, leather or vinyl belts are allowed
    • Belts may not hang excessively
    • Spikes and rings on belts are not permitted
    • Chokers, dog collar necklaces, spiked necklaces, bullet necklaces, ball-bearing necklaces
    or necklaces/jewelry that are considered offensive or advocating violence, drug use, or
    gang affiliation are not permitted
    • Suspenders must be fastened properly
    • Wearing excessive pins or buttons is not permitted
    • Wearing gloves in the classroom is not permitted (gloves may be worn to school)
    • Bedroom slippers are not permitted
    • “Heelies” wheel type shoes are not permitted
    **Any clothing this policy does not address is up to the discretion of the school Director and
    Assistant Director.

    School IDs & Lanyards

    All students who attend a Mapleton Public School in grades 7-12 MUST wear a school ID on a
    lanyard. The ID must be visible at all times and is required to be on any Mapleton school

    Dress Code & ID Violations

    If a student violates the dress code or is missing his/her ID, he/she will be asked to comply and
    parents/guardians will be expected to bring a change of clothes or the ID if needed. Repeated
    violations will result in a conference with parents and potential disciplinary action. Appeals may
    be made to the Superintendent/Designee of Mapleton Public Schools.