• School Dress Code Policy


    To provide an environment conducive to optimal and safe learning absent of unnecessary distraction, Global Leadership Academy follows the Mapleton dress code.  Some specific reminders are below.

    Updated August 6, 2020

    All Mapleton schools are pausing uniform policies for the upcoming school year as we focus on safely reopening schools and getting back to learning. It is our hope that this decision will help our families get ready to go back to school as we all focus on keeping our community and classrooms healthy.   

    For the upcoming school year, we ask that all families follow the District standards for dress code outlined in our student behavior handbook, https://www.mapleton.us/Page/1734Students are welcome and encouraged to show their school pride by wearing school colors, logos tees, and clothing that follows uniform guidelines that they may already have. If families are interested in school logo shirts, please contact individual school directors and they will assist in getting these items. 

    As a reminder, masks will be encouraged as much as possible and especially when in close proximity to other students/staff. Masks should also follow the District standard for dress codes. 


    Masks in the Building

    To adhere to health and safety requirements, masks are required to be worn in the building and outside when social distancing is not possible.

    Not Worn on Campus

    • Clothing with holes, tears, or rips
    • Bandannas & durags
    • Sagging waistlines or visible underclothing
    • Steel toed shoes
    • Items advocating violence, sex, alcohol, gang affiliation (including one color head to toe), or drug use
    • Crop tops or tank tops with straps narrower than 1.5 inches
    • Sheer, tight, or low-cut clothing that exposes traditionally private parts of the body
    • Spandex shorts or skirts

    Not Worn in the Building

    • Hats, caps & hoods
    • Sunglasses

    **Any clothing this policy does not address is up to the discretion of the school Director and Assistant Director.


     School IDs & Lanyards

    All students who attend a Mapleton Public School in grades 9-12 will be issued a school ID.  The ID must be available at all times and is required to be on any Mapleton school campus.

    Dress Code & ID Violations

    If a student violates the dress code, he/she will be asked to comply, and parents/guardians will be expected to bring a change of clothes if needed.  Repeated violations will result in a conference with parents and potential disciplinary action.  Appeals may be made to the Superintendent/Designee of Mapleton Public Schools.