Cognia Mapleton receives prestigious Cognia Accreditation

    It's official – Mapleton Public Schools received a six-year national and international accreditation term from the Cognia Global Commission. 

     Cognia is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that conducts external reviews of public and private schools and school systems across the United States and more than 70 other countries. The organization focuses on instruction and continuous improvement processes and will complement the Colorado Department of Education’s Accountability and Accreditation process.

    In early 2020, Mapleton began the process of seeking accreditation from Cognia, and in January 2022 participated in a System Accreditation Engagement Review. During this review, representatives from Cognia met with the district leadership team, Board of Education, school leaders, teachers, students, and parents. This review was to evaluate how well Mapleton compared to a set of rigorous, research-based standards that Cognia uses to evaluate systems.  

    The result of this engagement review earned Mapleton one of the highest scores Congia has ever issued! 

    Cognia assigns numerical scores for all systems using an Index of Education Quality score that ranges from 100 to 400. Over the past five years, the average score for other school districts working with Cognia is approximately 280 points.  Mapleton received an IEQ score of 356.45! 

    Our System Accreditation Engagement Review report indicated Mapleton was scoring at the highest level of “Impacting” on the majority of the Cognia Standards! A systems accreditation by the Cognia Global Accreditation Commission means Mapleton has a nationally recognized mark of quality for our district and each school within our system. It demonstrates our commitment to excellence, our willingness to grow from feedback, and our desire to guarantee all students have the opportunities, experiences, and education necessary to achieve their dreams. The Cognia accreditation process is rigorous and everyone in Mapleton should be so proud of themselves and see their efforts in this important work. Congratulations!