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Curriculum Material Review

Social Emotional Curriculum Review – Sources of Strength and Leader in Me

District Administration followed a curriculum pilot to evaluate multiple social-emotional curriculum resources against a set of criteria. The review process identified Sources of Strength and Leader in Me as quality curricula for Social Emotional Learning (SEL) in Mapleton. 

A preview of these instructional materials is available for public comment from Friday, May 24, through Monday, June 24. 

District administration will seek the Board's adoption of Sources of Strength and Leader in Me curricular materials at the Board of Education Business Meeting on Wednesday, June 26.

Sources of Strength 
Sources of Strength is a program which strives to prevent adverse outcomes by increasing wellbeing, help-seeking, resilience, health coping, and belonging.  Sources of Strength is designed to be used first with staff and then with students; coaching is built into the program as each site is required to have two coaches that are trained in staff SEL coaching and program implementation.  Sources of Strength involves a peer leadership group that works collaboratively with adult advisors to promote positive campaigns for the school that encourage others to rely on their sources of strength and promote positive help-seeking behavior.  Sources of Strength is available to students in kindergarten through 12th grade.
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Sources of Strength Community Feedback Survey 

Leader in Me
Leader in Me is a comprehensive Preschool through 12th grade framework that nurtures student leadership, fosters a culture of trust, and boosts academic success.  Leader in Me integrates highly-effective practices across the three areas of leadership, culture, and academics.  Leader in Me embraces five paradigms which are: everyone can be a leader; everyone has genius; change starts with me; empower students to lead their own learning, and educators and families partner to develop the whole person.  Similar to Sources of Strength, Leader in Me begins with adult learning and modeling and then provides students the opportunity to lead, teach, and learn from other students.
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