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Early Childhood Education

Preschool in Mapleton

Friendships, laughter, and learning await your child in Mapleton’s Early Childhood Education Program!

A quality preschool program can spark a lifetime love of learning in a child. As a community leader in early childhood education and a proud UPK partner, Mapleton offers inclusive, engaging, and supportive toddler and preschool programs led by compassionate experts in early childhood education. Our ECE curriculum is grounded in the Colorado Early Learning and Development Guidelines and we provide a compassionate, supportive, and encouraging environment for students to practice and develop important social and emotional skills. We serve more than 600 preschool students at schools in all corners of the district. Our preschool program is fully inclusive, meeting the needs of all learners.

2024-25 Preschool Sites

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Contact Information

Kristen Morel
Director, Early Childhood Education

Terri Stowell
Department Secretary, Early Childhood Education

Department Email:

Preschool Curriculum

Mapleton Early Childhood Education Program achieves its Preschool curriculum goals through the following programs:

  • Dinosaur School– The Classroom Dinosaur Curriculum promotes classroom learning and parent involvement. Dinosaur program topics include: doing your best in school, understanding feelings, how to solve, and how to talk with friends.
  • Funsicle– A motor, social, and language development program that improves children’s physical, mental, and emotional strength and conditioning as well as language comprehension and speaking skills.
  • Bridges in Mathematics PreK– A comprehensive PreK-6 mathematics program that focuses on developing children’s understanding and skills in ways that produce life-long mathematical power.
  • Dialogic Reading– An interactive reading practice using picture books to enhance and improve literacy and language skills by asking simple questions and following up with expanded questions. Through the reading experiences, the child becomes the teller of the story.
  • Young Athletes Program– Sponsored by Special Olympics International, this program provides early developmental opportunities utilizing guided motor activities.

At times, children will be able to use iPads and SMART Boards, along with other various media equipment to enhance their educational experience. Parent permission is required and screen time will align with State Licensing Rules and Regulations. Our preschool program is fully inclusive, meeting the needs of all learners.