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    Skyview Campus Update (Monday, Dec. 10, 3:30 p.m.):

    Dear Skyview Campus Families,

    This afternoon, local law enforcement placed all schools on the Skyview Campus on a brief lockdown as a precautionary measure due to a situation that originated in the neighborhood.

    At this time, we have limited information and are working closely with the Thornton Police Department to understand what transpired this afternoon. We do know that all students and staff are safe. We know that the Skyview Campus is safe. We know that there is no current threat to our students or to our staff.

    We know that following a report from a community member, a police investigation prompted several officers to enter classrooms in MESA. Police entered classrooms according to safety and security procedures that have been established. This experience may have been frightening for your child. It is also our understanding that one student was escorted outside of the building by police officers. We do not have any additional information at this time.

    Additional support will be available should your child want to talk about this experience. Providing a safe and secure learning environment is our top priority. Only by working as a school community in partnership with parents, can we create and maintain the level of safety that we want for our children and that we know they certainly deserve. Thank you for your patience and cooperation this afternoon.

    Mapleton Public Schools


    Esta tarde, la policía local colocó a todas las escuelas en el Campus de Skyview en un breve cierre interno como medida de precaución debido a una situación que se originó en el vecindario.

    En este momento, tenemos información limitada y estamos trabajando estrechamente con el Departamento de Policía de Thornton para comprender lo que ocurrió esta tarde. Sabemos que todos los estudiantes y el personal están seguros. Sabemos que el Campus de Skyview está seguro. Sabemos que no existe una amenaza actual para nuestros estudiantes o para nuestro personal.

    Sabemos que tras un informe de un miembro de la comunidad, una investigación policial llevó a varios oficiales a ingresar los salones de clases de MESA. La policía ingresó los salones de clases de acuerdo con los procedimientos de seguridad y protección establecidos. Esta experiencia puede haber sido aterradora para su hijo(a). También entendemos que un estudiante fue escoltado fuera del edificio por oficiales de policía. No tenemos ninguna información adicional en este momento.

    Habrá apoyo adicional disponible si su hijo(a) quiere hablar sobre esta experiencia. El proporcionar un ambiente de aprendizaje seguro es nuestra principal prioridad. Solo al trabajar como una comunidad escolar en asociación con los padres, podemos crear y mantener el nivel de seguridad que queremos para nuestros hijos y que sabemos que ciertamente merecen. Gracias por su paciencia y cooperación esta tarde.

    – Escuelas Públicas de Mapleton


  •  Severe Weather Procedure 

    Winter weather can sometimes cause Mapleton to delay school start times or close for the safety of students and staff. We will try to give families plenty of notice before a weather-related school delay or closure.

    On a delayed start day, school will begin two hours later than the usual start time. For example, if school normally begins at 8:10 a.m., a two-hour delay would mean it begins at 10:10 a.m.   Bus pick-up times would also be delayed by two hours.  If your child is normally at the bus stop by 7:30 a.m., on a late start day they would need to be at the bus stop by 9:30 a.m.

    A two-hour delay would also mean that Zero Hour classes will be cancelled for that day as well as morning (AM) preschool. Full-day preschool will begin two hours late and afternoon (PM) will start on time.

    Families will be notified of either a late start or cancelation through Infinite Campus with either a call, text or email. If you don’t have a parent portal account, please contact your child’s school to create one or update your contact information. Local television and radio stations will have weather-related delays and closure information as well as Mapleton’s Facebook page and website at www.mapleton.us.

    Parents who are seeking information regarding the possibility of emergency school closures are urged to listen to one of the following

    KMGH 7
    KUSA 9
    KCNC 4
    KDVR Fox 31
    KWGN 2 

    850 KOA
    KHOW 630 AM

    You may also check the School Status bar on the main page of the website. 

    If an emergency occurs while school is in session, students are to remain with the teacher in the classroom until official dismissal has been given by the school administrator. No student will be allowed to go home without permission of both the parent/guardian and school administrator.