• New Teacher Orientation

    New Teacher Orientation

    And just like that, Mapleton is gearing up for the next school year! This week, Mapleton welcomed 89 new teachers with one of the most valued traditions in the district, New Teacher Orientation (NTO). The purpose of NTO is to welcome our new to career and new to Mapleton team members. This multi-day event also gives returning staff the opportunity to celebrate our work, our people, and our community.

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  • The Welcome Center

    The Welcome Center

    Mapleton is not your ordinary school district. In Mapleton, families are not limited to “neighborhood schools,” instead families are invited to choose their school based on the learning styles and interests of their children. Mapleton’s Welcome Center is available to help families choose the best school for their children and to make enrollment an effortless and enjoyable exploration in school choice. Enrollment is as easy as Discover, Choose, Succeed!

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  • Welby's 21st CCLC Grant

    Welby's 21st CCLC Grant

    An aspect of Mapleton Public Schools that I find inspiring is how dedicated our teachers are to making sure students have opportunities to contribute to their communities in meaningful ways. Oona Wellin, Welby Community School’s 21st Century Community Learning Centers (CCLC) Grant Coordinator, recently highlighted how a grant program inspired students to support their community by giving back to a local animal shelter!

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  • Mapleton Education Foundation

    Mapleton Education Foundation

    The Mapleton Education Foundation (MEF) plays an instrumental role in supporting the district; however, I was embarrassed to admit that I never knew the full extent. That’s why when MEF’s Elise Kersey and Thomas Hernandez, reached out to me to assist in the final day of student scholarship interviews, I jumped at the chance!

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  • Teacher Cadet Program

    Teacher Cadet Program

    When I heard Mapleton high school students could earn college credit and get real-world experience as an educator through our Teacher Cadet Program, my first thought was, "Where was this when I was in high school?" My second thought was, "I need to check this out!"

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  • Ms. Malia's Preschool Class

    Ms. Malia's Preschool Class

    Friendships, fun, adventures, and of course, learning, await your child in Mapleton's Early Childhood Education Program. I've heard nothing but rave reviews since my first day, so I just had to go see the magic for myself!

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