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Discover, Choose, Succeed at BPCCA!

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BPCCA students Why Choose Big Picture College and Career Academy? Just ask these students!

"It's been a great place for me physically and mentally," said Jorrell, a senior at Big Picture College and Career Academy. "This school lets you express yourself through different projects. It really helps you discover what your true passion is."

Jorrell is on the Skyview Wolverines Track team, is into business, marketing, and most recently quantum physics. He considers his teachers to be some of his closest friends and appreciates that they ask him every day what they can do to help him reach his goals.

"Most people won’t know what they want to do when they leave high school, but Big Picture students will graduate knowing exactly what we want in our next adventure," said Jorrell. "Big Picture inspires all of us to become the best version of ourselves."

Melissa, a junior, enrolled in BPCCA as a freshman to help her break out of her comfort zone. “I’m not forced to be in one certain group at this school,” Melissa said. “I’ve been able to branch out and grow personally and academically. I think about how I was as a freshman and I’ve changed a lot. Oh, and I met actors!”

As a part of Leave to Learn, Big Picture’s creative and engaging spin on traditional field trips, Melissa got the chance to see a play at the Denver Performing Arts Center and meet the actors.

“There are just so many amazing experiences I get here that I could not get at any other high school,” said Melissa. “When I talk to friends about my school they say, ‘wow, it seems like you are in a whole new world!’”

George, a junior, admits that BPCCA was not his first-choice school, but once he walked through the front door, he was hooked.

“This school has allowed me to tackle everything I want,” said George. “I enjoy doing everything, and I have so many passions and interests, and Big Picture helps me explore every single one. I’ve shadowed owners of a music shop and doctors at a hospital, I’ve visited an occupational therapy clinic, I’ve visited teachers in schools, car mechanics…I’ve done a little bit of everything. Leave to Learns are very hands-on and the learning is limitless.”

All BPCCA students agree that while most schools focus on the world now, BPCCA prepares students for the future and for careers that might not exist yet.  

Claire, a senior, started at another high school in Mapleton before coming to BPCCA.

“I wasn’t really connecting with the teachers at my other school,” said Claire. “When I came to Big Picture, I was immediately supported by the students and teachers. Teachers here really want you to succeed. They come to school every day and ask, ‘Who can I help next? Who needs me today?’”

 Claire said she’s able to find something she likes, learn everything about it, then move on to something else she likes, and learn everything about that, a process that has helped her discover her talents and explore her interests.

BPCCA students also credit their new school director, Brian Barringer, for helping to build a school culture where everyone feels safe, comfortable and supported.


Heard in the halls…

Why enroll in BPCCA?


  • “Big Picture allows young people to expand on their big ideas and doesn’t put them down because the ideas are so big.”


  • “Your community and your teachers become the family you sometimes need. You’ll gain a lot of confidence.”


  • “We’re a group of people who can connect because of our differences.”