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Ballot Measure 4B - Proposed Director Districts

Director Districts 4B - Proposed Director Districts

Unofficial election results are showing overwhelming support for 4B, Mapleton’s proposed Board of Education director districts!

 Mapleton’s Board of Education asked voters to approve a School Board director district plan. Currently, Mapleton’s five Board of Education members serve at large, with no designated director districts. This provides no assurance that all Mapleton neighborhoods are represented on the Board of Education.


With the passing of 4B, Mapleton’s five Board of Education members will now each represent one of five director districts. This means that all neighborhoods will have representation on the Board.


Director districts will help Mapleton continue to respond to the needs of the community by ensuring that our Board of Education members stay connected, visible and in touch with the needs of their neighbors and neighborhood.


The implementation of the director districts will not result in the termination of current Board of Education members. The new director district process will begin in 2019 with districts B and D.  


Click here to view unofficial election results from Adams County. 

 Click here to download a copy of the proposed Board director districts. 


If approved by voters, Mapleton Public Schools will introduce new policies to roll out the representation plan and election process.

  • Policy BBB - School Board Member Elections - This policy will outline the new School Board director election process.
  • Policy BBBE - School Board Director District Descriptions  - This policy identifies the boundaries used to determine the five director districts.
  • Policy BBBA - School Board Member Qualifications  - This policy updates the School Board Member qualifications, establishing that board members must reside within the director district in which they are seeking candidacy. 



How were the director districts determined? 

The director districts were designed to be as equal in population as possible using census and county information. If the proposed plan of representation is approved, the new policy BBB would require periodic reviews of the director district boundaries. 

If approved, would current school board directors be terminated?

No. If approved, the implementation of the plan will not result in the termination of office for any school director who was elected prior to the 2018 General Election. The plan will begin with the 2019 election, with one member elected from director district B and one member elected from director district D. In 2021, one member will be elected from director district A, another member from director district C, and another member from director district E. 


What is the purpose of director districts?

School board members are elected representatives of the residents in the school district in which they reside. Through director districts, all neighborhoods in Mapleton Public Schools will have representation on the Board of Education. Current Board of Education members believe this plan will help them continue to respond to the needs of the community by ensuring board directors are connected, visible and in touch with needs of their neighbors and neighborhood.


If approved, what would the new election process look like?

If approved, three directors would be elected in a biennial election representing director districts A, C, and E. In a subsequent biennial election, two members would be elected from districts B and D. This process would begin in 2019 with districts B and D. 

What would the new Board member qualifications be under this plan?

Under this plan, there would only be one new qualification for board members:

  • The candidate must be a resident of the director district with which he or she is a candidate. 

All other Board Member qualifications would remain the same. For more information, please view the current Board Member Qualifications policy here.   


How can I find out what director district I reside in?

Please call 303.853.1015 for additional information. 


If you would like additional information about ballot measure 4B, please contact Mapleton's Office of the Superintendent, 303.853.1015.