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Mapleton AFJROTC program “exceeds standards” to pass tri-annual inspection

Cadet unit stands for a photo

Mapleton’s Air Force JROTC program passed its unit inspection on Monday, Nov. 14, with the designation of “Exceeds Standards,” the highest rating possible, for the first time ever. Inspections are conducted every three years by a national AFJROTC region director, who evaluates if programs are being run properly, if their paperwork is in order, and how well cadets wear their uniforms, among other aspects.

Cadets march in formation

The inspection included its cadets leading a unit mission briefing, a mass formation and a 30-step drill, where more experienced cadets march in precise formation for 30 commands around the floor. Lt. Col. William Arrington, Mapleton's Air Force JROTC Senior Aerospace Science Instructor, said his students did great.

“They can all look within themselves and know they were part of making this happen,” he said. “Each year the program grows, I see our cadets carry themselves better and better. I’m very proud of them and they should be proud of themselves.”

Cadet 2nd Lt. Sofia C., the unit’s Logistics Assistant, and an Academy High School sophomore, was also recognized as “Top Performer 2022 Unit Evaluation.” Ahead of this year’s inspection, she almost single-handedly organized and inventoried the program’s equipment, uniforms, and other supplies, which greatly helped the program pass its inspection.