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Nuggets PA Announer Kyler Speller Talks Careers with North Valley Students

Nuggets PA Announer Kyler Speller Talks Careers with North Valley Students

Thank you to Denver Nuggets PA Announcer Kyle Speller for stopping by North Valley School for Young Adults this week to talk about his career.

Interviewed by North Valley student Marc M., Speller discussed his career journey and how he found himself working with the Denver Nuggets. He also discussed how he overcame challenges in life, his work ethic, and the power of believing in yourself.

Despite a fear of reading aloud in school growing up, Speller now announces all home games for the Denver Nuggets and does weekly voiceover work for clients, including commercials, radio, book readings, and television.

Kyle posing with student"Growing up, I wasn't the best student. Reading was a tough challenge, and I would get really nervous when called upon," Speller explained to the students. "For me, I practiced reading to improve, and over the years, I've gotten more comfortable in that space." 

Speller emphasized that using your time in school is vital to becoming efficient in reading. Reading books in class is a great way to learn grammar, improve speech, and enhance vocabulary, all large parts of his dream career today!

Throughout the school year, North Valley's student leadership team has organized several guest speakers to visit and talk with students about career pathways after graduation. This year, they've had a librarian, a real estate agent, and a driver's education instructor. The leadership team hopes to invite a nurse and a comedian as their next guest speakers!