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Don’t forget to register your student to ride the bus

The wheels on Mapleton’s busses will go round and round again starting Aug. 14, on the first day of school. If your student intends to ride one, make sure they are registered.   

Back of a Maplton bus

Mapleton's bus fleet drives around 3,000 students to and from schools, sporting events, and after-school programs. To ensure convenience, families residing within the District are provided transportation to their preferred school if they reside more than a mile away from it. 

All student bus riders, new and returning, preschool – 12th grade, must register online. Separate forms for preschoolers, kindergartners, and 1st through 12th-grade students can be found here. After registration, the District will send families email notifications about their bus stop information. 

The District will also issue each new student a Paw Pass, allowing transportation staff to track students’ whereabouts and ensure they get on and off the right bus at the right time. Students scan their pass as they board the bus and again as they exit it and repeat the process in the afternoon on the bus ride home. 

Bus drivers will give new students their Paw Pass the first time they board their bus, and returning students should already have their passes. The first Paw Pass is issued at no charge. Replacement passes cost $3.00 and can be picked up at the Transportation Office, 591 E. 80th Ave., Denver, 80229. 

Mapleton’s district boundaries are Huron, Zuni and Franklin Streets on the west, 52nd Avenue on the south, and the South Platte River and Colorado Boulevard on the east. On the north side, the boundary reaches in one place to 108th Avenue.  

If you have questions about any of the information listed above, please get in touch with Mapleton's Transportation Department at 303.853.1024.