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Limitless Learning Showcase

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Highlights of student work submitted through Limitless Learning

6th graders created color wheels for remote art class using objects they found around the house.

Color wheels featured are by Alexis, Alivia, and Lucas.

Alexis Color Wheel   Alivia Color Wheel   Lucas Color Wheel

In virtual music class 6th grade students added sound effects to silent cartoons.

Click on the links here to watch the videos. 

Millie Balloon Video

Irma Balloon Video

Lola Crab Video

Lily Crab Video


crab image


4th and 5th grade students recreated famous paintings.

Photos featured are by Angelle, Arielle, and Savannah and Josef.

Angelle Girl with Pearl Earring   Arielle Girl with Pearl Earring   Savannah/Josef American Gothic


3rd grade students created self portraits using objects they found outside.

Self portraits featured are by Emsley, Ashlynn, and Sophia. 

Emsley Nature Portrait   Ashlynn Self Portrait   Sophia Self Portrait



1st and 2nd grade students showed that "Kindness Rocks!" by creating kindness rocks to spread around their neighborhoods.

Rocks featured are by Adrian, Leo, and Reyna.

Leo kindness rocks   leo m kindness rocks   reyna kindness rocks


Kinder and 1st grade students drew self portraits of themselves at home.

Self portraits featured are by Anna, Isaiah, and Mikey.

anna self portrait   Isaiah self portrait   mikey self portrait


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