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GIA's New Building Construction Update

The new, partially completed Global Intermediate building behind the construction fence

GIA's new building will open in the Fall of 2020!

It has been so exciting to see our new home go up! The building has an almost complete exterior. The main entrance is under the blue arches in the center-right of the photo above. Next to it, the two story library is a beacon of light and learning on the campus. It is made of Kalwall, a translucent material that will let daylight shine in and the library's light shine out. To the far left of the photo you can see part of the new gym. It will be big enough to host games for our 7th and 8th grades' sports teams!

You'll see a lot of other work happening on Broadway. Work has begun on the new Mapleton Performing Arts building which is located in the northwest corner of the campus.

The new GIA will be a unique space for our learners in grades 4-8.  Some highlights to look forward to:

  • The main feature of the school will be a two-story library.  The first floor will be a space that will support learning in the campus' IB schools (GPA and GIA) and IB candidate schools (GIA and GLA).  There will be spaces for collaborative and independent work, as well as text and digital resources.  On the second floor, GIA will have additional collaborative spaces for students and teachers to work and learn together.
  • The GIA playground will offer students a new way to play!  The nature-based equipment will feature logs, boulders and walking paths specifically designed for our 9 to 14-year-old students.  Of course, we will also have access to basketball courts and the campus field for our sports-loving kids.
  • Our school will also feature a learning garden and small kitchen space.  Students will be able to grow, harvest and prepare food to share with our school community.

For continued updates, visit GIA's construction page by clicking here.