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Tips to for parents for child safety

At Monterey are doing a number of things at school to prevent bullying and to stop bullying once it occurs. Here are some things you can do at home to help. Thank you for your help in making our school a safe and positive place to learn.

• Make it clear to your child that you take bullying seriously and that it is not okay.

• Make rules within your family for your child’s behavior. Praise your child for following the rules and use nonphysical and logical consequences when rules are broken. A logical consequence for bullying could be losing rights to use the phone to call friends, using email to talk with friends, or other activities your child enjoys.

• Spend lots of time with your child and keep close track of his or her activities. Find out who your child’s friends are and how and where they spend their free time.

• Build on your child’s talents by encouraging him or her to get involved in positive activities (such as clubs, music lessons, or nonviolent sports).

• Share your concerns with your child’s teacher, counselor, and/or principal. Work together to send a clear message to your child that his or her bullying must stop.

• If you and your child need more help, talk with a school counselor and/or mental health professional.