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Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week

Join Mapleton Public Schools in celebrating National Teacher and Staff Appreciation week, May 6 – 10!

Teacher Appreciation We are inviting our students and families to help us celebrate Mapleton’s outstanding staff!

Submit a photo of you and/or your child with your favorite Mapleton staff member along with a brief paragraph telling us how your favorite staff member helps your child achieve his/her dreams! 

Please email your submissions to  

We will feature all submissions on our website and Facebook page during the week of May 6 - 10.  

Click here to read the Board of Education's National Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week Proclamation. 


Ms. Penrod, Meadow Community School 

Ms. Penrod

“Jonni is a warm caring person, who makes children and families her priority. We love seeing her smiling face before, during and after school. Thanks for all you do, Jonni.”







Ms. Kava, Clayton Partnership School 

ms. Kava “I would like to give a special thanks to Ms. Kava. My daughter was new to Clayton Partnership School this year and was behind. Thanks to Ms. Kava now she is at the level she should be. I will forever be very appreciative toward her for helping my daughter, and to Mapleton for having such an amazing teacher. Thank you, Ms. Kava."










Mapleton's Toddler Program 

Toddler program “Mapleton’s Toddler Program is staffed with kind compassionate and caring teachers! My son thrives in this program and is truly becoming a lifelong learner because of Mapleton’s incredible early childhood educators. His teachers inspire and support him and keep him curious and excited about the world. Thank you!”


Ms. Gabby “We appreciate all of our teachers in Toddler ONES and Toddler TWOS!! Thank you all for everything you’ve done for Amari this school year. It’s so amazing when our one-year-old comes home knowing all of his shapes, colors, friend’s names, and then some. They’ve all gone above and beyond to show so much compassion towards Amari. Here is Amari and Gabby twinning wearing Yankees shirts!” 


“We want to give a shout out to our preschool teacher, Mrs. Celeste. We have had her with 3 of our children and she is a phenomenal person. She makes students feel comfortable to come to school. Our student this year was having a hard time adjusting coming to school, but she would step in every morning to take his hand and comfort him. By the time I picked him up he didn't want to leave. We are so appreciative to have a teacher like her. Thank you Mrs. Celeste!”  


Ms. Carney, Valley View

Ms. Carney “I would like to show my appreciation for Ms. Carney, a first-grade teacher at Valley View. As both a colleague and a teacher to my child, she exemplifies what it means to teach first grade. She believes in her students and expects the very best while encouraging them to have fun and be kids. She holds them accountable for their work and encourages their growth in all areas. She is an expert in literacy instruction and challenges her students in math, science, and social studies. Ms. Carney is also a team player and upholds her professional responsibilities and is a leader on campus. I am lucky to have my child in her class. He loves having her as his teacher and I am happy to call her my friend!”






Ms. Sabin, Mapleton Early College

Ms. Sabin “We want to thank Greer Sabin for supporting our son Isaiah H. as he transferred from MEC to Big Picture. Isaiah was struggling with being at school and his grades showed his struggles. Greer always kept open communication with us. She is a loving and caring teacher who gives her all to her students. There is a saying ‘it takes a village to raise a child,’ and that is very true. Greer is a great role model in Isaiah Village. Thank you, Greer Sabin, for all your hard work with your students.” - The Heffenger family.








Mrs. Blair, Valley View

Mrs. Blair "Mrs. Blair is one in a million! She sparks excitement about math every day for Valley View’s 7th and 8thgraders. Mrs. Blair is well loved by students and they leave her class prepared for high school. Teaching middle school is no easy job, but Mrs. Blair rocks it every single day!"









Mr. Powell, Mapleton Expeditionary School of the Arts

mr. Powell “Mr. Jared Powell  - He is a 10th grade English teacher at MESA. He is outgoing, kind and an involved teacher who cares about his students and their wellbeing. Mr. Powell is an inspiration for our daughter, Paula C.”







Mr. Moran, Mapleton Early College 

“I would like to shout out to Antonio Moran from Mapleton Early College. He’s an amazing teacher who truly cares about his students. He always does an amazing job teaching and making sure the class is engaging. He works hard and stays up late grading papers and making sure our grades are up to date. He is definitely a great asset to MEC and he’s caring and compassionate. We love him here at MEC!”

 Ms. Bullon, Mapleton Early College

“I would like to shout out Claudia Bullon, the Spanish teacher at Mapleton Early College High School. Claudia is an amazing person and teacher. Her love for her advisory shows through everything she does. I would not be graduating this year if it was not for her. I am so sad to be leaving, but she deserves to be recognized for everything she does.”

Ms. Claudia Bullon, Ms. Amanda Logan and Mr. Adrian Otto, Mapleton Early College

“Yo no tengo una fotografia de ellos pero quiero reconozer su gran trabajo y entrega para sus alumnus. Ellos estan al pendiente de sus alumnos no sólo académicamente si no que moralmente. Me siento afortunada que mis hijos los tuvieron este año y estoy muy agradecida por esto. Bendiciones. Sinceramente.”

“I do not have a photo of them but I do want to recognize their great work and dedication to their students. They care about their students not only academically but morally. I feel fortunate that my children had them this year and I am very grateful for this. Blessings. Sincerely.”


 Mrs. Bakanec, Meadow Community School 

“Our family would like to give a special thanks to Mrs. Bakanec from Meadow Community. She goes above and beyond for her students. We have had the honor of having her with 4 of our children and our family is truly grateful for that. She makes coming to school comfortable, safe and fun. Keep doing a great job Mrs. B!”

 Welby Community School Staff 

“I want to submit a huge thank you to all the staff at Welby, ALL of them. My child has been going there since kindergarten. She had Miss Lauren for kindergarten, Miss Kim for 1st grade, she no longer teaches there and is in China, but we are still FB friends.  Miss Amanda was 3rd, Miss Alyssa 4th, Miss Kortnie was 5th and currently 6th, and Ms. Jylkka for Zero hour.  These are the teachers that she has spent multiple hours of each day with, and they have been amazing and instrumental in every step of my child’s scholastic career. There is also Miss Candy and Miss Jennie who have always been helpful and caring when it comes to talking to our family at times that have been difficult. All the front office staff, like the nurse, Miss Jolene, and Miss Leyla and Miss Linda, awesome Miss Benny the librarian and the wonderful custodian staff led by the awesome Mr. Jimmy, as well as Miss Jackie the therapist, and Mr. James for PE, Miss Tia for Art and Miss Danielle for Music. All these people have welcomed my daughter and family with bright eyes and beautiful smiles every day for the last 7 years from kindergarten to 6th grade, from when I drop her off to when I pick her up, they have seen her grow from a baby to a young lady. These people have been there, not just for her, but for her peers. I am beyond grateful for the many years of love that these people have shown. We have been lucky and blessed to have this special staff be the caretakers of my daughter while she learns. We are deeply grateful and love them all dearly. THANK YOU ALL!!!!"