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Mapleton Enrollment!

Discover, Choose, Succeed!

Mapleton is not your ordinary school district!

In Mapleton, there are no "neighborhood schools."  This means that instead of being automatically enrolled in your neighborhood school, we invite you to select from a full menu of schools based on the learning style, interests, and passions of your child. If you live within Mapleton's district boundaries, we will provide transportation to your school of choice (if you live a mile or more from your school of choice). This applies to all students living within district boundaries and more than one mile away from their school of choice. Bus routes are still be determined for the 2019-20 school year. If you have any questions about Mapleton’s Transportation Department, please visit or call 303.853.1024

There is still time to save your seat at the Mapleton school of your choice! Mapleton is currently accepting applications for enrollment for in district AND out of district families! Apply online today by visiting

Preschool placement notification:

If you are interested in a tuition preschool spot, we will hold the first round of the lottery on April 30. Placement notifications will be sent out in May and June.

If you are not interested in a tuition spot, screenings will be held in May and placement notifications will be sent out in June.

For more information on Mapleton's enrollment process, and to learn more about our schools, click here to visit the Welcome Center page.