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Trailside's Grandparents Lunch

grandparents lunch Trailside Academy grandparents joined their grandchildren for Trailside’s first annual Grandparents Lunch!

We collected these great quotes from grandparents about what this lunch means to them:

“This is exciting. We have been looking forward to sharing first grade in a new school with him.”

“We want to be supportive ‘Grammie’s’ and ‘Pa’s’. We have been taking care of him since he was three months old and he’s six now. This means a lot to us.” grandparents Lunch

“I was out of town and came back early to spend time with him. I didn’t want to miss this for the world.”

“It takes a village to raise children, and grandparents can be an integral part of that. The recognition is appreciated. We love it.”

“Our granddaughter is very special to us. She’s our first grandchild and we have to celebrate all of the special moments and milestones.”

Grandparents Lunch “I’m just glad to be here with my buddy.”

“She’s a very special little girl.”

A special thank you to all grandparents for their continued dedication to ensuring the success of their grandchildren each and every day! grandparents