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An Inside Look at York

For those of you who don't know me, I'm York's Assistant Driector. My primary job responsibilities are with grades 7-12, which we refer to as the secondary staff and secondary studnets. This is my second year at York but my first year in a director role. I was an English teacher at another school in Mapleton for many years before coming to York, so while I am no stranger to education, York is still quite new to me. Almost a year and a half into my time here at York, I find that I am still learning new things every day. These little lessons always reinforce one pillar of my belifes about York - it is an incredible school. Here's an inside look that I hope will help you understand why York is so special:


York is a school where students and staff feel at home. Part of this is because we are a K12 school; we have 8 seniors graduating this year who started at York as kindergrateners. Students overwhelemingly feel like they are known and cared for by the staff. 

Amazing Students

The studnets here at York have consistently impressed. It sometimes seems to me that there are a lot of negative things out there about 'kids these days,' either on socail media, as depicted in Netflix originals, or as covered in news stories. But the truth is that the kids here at York are overwhelmingly amazing young humans: they work hard in their classes, even when it's 7th period and they've been sitting for most of the day and just want to stand up and bounce up and down; they are kind to each other, especialy those who are a 'little different' have been the typical victims of bullying; sometime York students make mistakes, even big ones, and then end up in my office. But nearly every time this happens I find that I'm having a conversation with a young studnet who knows he or she messed up and legitimately wants to learn from their mistakes; and overwhelmingly, York has students who sincerely want to be good studnets, go to college or a technical school, and carve out a good, honest life for themselves. The students here inspire me and give me hope that this country and our community are headed toward a positive future.

Passionate and Caring Staff

York is blessed with an amazing staff of teachers, para-professionals, and other staff members who are passionate about what they do, care deeply for all of their studnets, and come into work every day ready to make a difference in the lives of their students. Students see this side of their teachers during class and office hours. I see these qualities from our staff not only during the school day, but also on the weekends when I get emails from teachers who are using their weekents to plan or grade, after school when I walk the hallways on my way to the parking lot and walk by classroom after classroom full of studnets taking advantage of after-school help and support form their teachers, during lunch breaks when teachers forgo a peaceful meal in the staff lounge to instead meet with studnets who needs a little extra support, and during professional development sessions when teachers debate passionately about the best ways to serve our studnets. The front office staff at York is incredible; they juggle huge amount of paperwork, attendance, Spanish translation services, bloody noses and banged-up knees, broken copy machines, substitute teaching rotations, and so much more. Our para-professionals do things like providing instructional support to special-needs students in classrooms, recess supervision and support, managing our library and technology checkout procedures, and in between all of this they manage to develop strong, caring relationships with our students.

It's All About the Students

At the end of the day, what I love about working here at York is that everyone here is focused on how to best serve our studnets. Many of our students are even focused on how they can serve their peers! As a staff, we don't always agree on how we're going to do this, but we all agree that this is our goal and come in every day to make it happen. 

Ben Schneider