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12.14.18 Learner Profile Drawing Winners

Throughout each week, elementary teachers recognize students who display attributes of the IB Learner Profile- Balanced, Caring, Communicator, Inquirer, Knowledgeable, Open Minded, Principled, Reflective, Risk Taker, Thinker. On Friday, all nomination forms are collected and 4 students are randomly chosen to join Mr. Van Etten and Mrs. Dickson in the office for a game.


Congrats to this week's Learner Profile Drawing Winners!

  • Maya Rubio from Ms. Anderson's class. Maya is caring because she always reminds our class to recycle. She also found money on the playground and turned it in to the office.

Mr. Van Etten and Maya Rubio

  • Dafneli Uribe from Ms. Jones class. Dafneli was a thinker when she researched her non-fiction topic at home and came prepared for writer's workshop.

Dafneli Uribe and Mr. Van Etten

  • Jeralet Ruiz from Ms. Nemechek's class. Jeralet was knowledgable when writing her non-fiction story about dragon fish.

Mr. Van Etten and Jeralet Ruiz

  • Jackie Jaquez from Ms. Nemechek's class. Jackie was a risk taker when using drama to read a new Santa poem.

Mr. Van Etten and Jackie Jaquez

  • Josue Guzman from Mrs. Newton's class. Josue was principled because he found a pair of glasses in the gym and he turned them in to the office.

Mr. Van Etten and Josue Guzman

  • Dhillon Rodriguez from Mrs. Brehmer's class. Dhillon was caring and principled when he stayed after class to help stack chairs and clean up.

Mr. Van Etten and Dhillon Rodriguez

  • Anahi Ruiz from Mrs. Fields' class. Anahi was caring when she helped a student pick up her lunch after it had spilled all over the floor.

Mr. Van Etten and Ahahi Ruiz

  • Nathan Carreras from Mr. Boaz's class. Nathan was caring when he stopped to pick up a mess in the hallway even though he didn't make the mess.

Nathan Carreras and Mr. Van Etten