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12.20.18 Learner Profile Drawing Winners

Throughout each week, elementary teachers recognize students who display attributes of the IB Learner Profile- Balanced, Caring, Communicator, Inquirer, Knowledgeable, Open Minded, Principled, Reflective, Risk Taker, Thinker. On Friday, all nomination forms are collected and 4 students are randomly chosen to join Mr. Van Etten and Mrs. Dickson in the office for a game.


Congrats to this week's Learner Profile Drawing winners!

  • Alianna from Ms. Anderson's class. Alianna is principled because she is always extra helpful and kind during class.
  • Erick Ugalde Alegria from Ms. Jones' class. Erick was a thinker when he made a connection about solids from science and put that information in his non-fiction writing.

Mr. Van Etten, Mrs. Dickson, and Erick Ugalde Alegria

  • Breanna Flores-Quezada from Ms. Nemechek's class. Breanna was open minded when the 5th graders were teaching her class about chemical reactions.

Mr. Van Etten, Mrs. Dickson, and Breanna Flores-Quezada

  • Gianna from Mrs. Fields' class. Gianna was principled when she reminded someone that their idea was not very principled. She stood up for what she knew was right.