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York's Science Fair

 Students came down to the gym throughout the day to look at and explore each others' science fair projects.

Student explaining her science fair project to other students from her class Three boys reading a science fair project display board Students and teacher looking at a science fair project


Our school's science fair winners had the opportunity to move on and compete at the district level!

Congrats to: 

  • Harper B. (3rd Grade)
  • Tegan Mitchell (3rd Grade)
  • Gianna Garcia & Auriana S. (3rd Grade)
  • Joana Aguilar, Renata Caro, and Alexis R. (4th Grade)
  • Hailey Madewell & Citlaly Montanez (5th Grade)
  • Brynn G. & Aleya Rimbert (5th Grade)