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March's Learner Profile: Knowledgeable

The Learner Profile focus for March is Knowledgeable. Students who are knowledgeable explore relevant and significant concepts and can remember what they have learned. They can draw on this knowledge and apply it in new situations. 


How can parents develop students who are knowledgeable at home? 

  • Encourage your child to read books at home that correspond with the topics being covered in school. Books in their native language will help your child make more meaningful, lasting connections to what is being taught in their classroom in English. 
  • Ask your child about what they are learning in school and engage them in conversations about it: 
    • “Why do you think that is an important thing to know about?” 
    • “Can you think of anything happening in the world today that might be similar to that?” 
  • Foster any area that your child expresses an interest in with books and activities, but also be sure to encourage them to explore other areas
  • Encourage your child to become familiar with current events and to read the newspaper and watch the news when appropriate 
  • Read books with your child and discuss the ways the characters were being knowledgeable. Here are some books you can look for at the library 


 Join us for the March Student of the Month Assembly celebrating the many ways the York students were knowledgeable this month. The PYP assembly will be held on Wednesday, March 20th at 2:35 PM in the gym. The MYP assembly will be held on Friday, March 22nd at 8:30 in the gym.