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Freshman Orientation

Welcome, Incoming Freshman Students!

Freshman orientation At York International School, leadership is a year-round endeavor for students!
To kick off the new school year, juniors and seniors from York’s Link Crew Leaders club spent time orienting incoming freshman and preparing them for a successful year.
Through engaging activities, York’s Link Crew Leaders helped incoming freshmen understand what the first year of high school might feel like and how to handle the stress that can come with high school. While actually juggling, students discussed what it will be like to juggle the many responsibilities and challenges coming their way. Students were also given 64 squares and asked to arrange the squares on the floor to make connections between the paths they choose and how their choices could impact their high school experiences.
Freshman orientation York’s juniors and seniors enjoyed meeting their new classmates and look forward to continuing to serve as mentors throughout the year.
“When I came into York as a freshman, I wanted to have someone to look up to," said York senior and Link Crew Leader Fabian G. "I'm excited that I get to be that person for these incoming students, and I want to take advantage of that and support them in any way possible."
Following the activities, the incoming students received a tour of the school, along with a sneak peek of the high school wing, including their classrooms and lockers. Students wrapped their Freshman Orientation with a closing ceremony, where they officially received the title of "freshman.”
Freshman orientation “All of these students have worked so hard," said Collin Krysl, Link Crew Coordinator and Secondary Specialist at York. "They are just great students."
Welcome to York! We are so excited for the many adventures to come!
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