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National Principals Month

National Principals Month

Mapleton’s Board of Education is joining school districts around the country in celebrating the month of October as National Principals Month! 

All month long we invite you to share the reasons why you appreciate your school principal and assistant principal – or directors, as we call them in Mapleton.  

Our school directors wear many hats. They are academic visionaries…they are community builders…they are trusted friends, reliable leaders, and supporters of dreams.  

Our school directors believe all students are worthy of a high-quality education. They believe all students deserve endless opportunities to realize their potential and believe in raising the bar in everything they do, and for everyone they do it for.  

Help us celebrate Mapleton’s school directors and assistant directors by telling us how your favorite school director or assistant director helps your child achieve their dreams. 

Please email your submissions to



ryanRyan Fiore – Preschool on Poze

"Ryan Fiore is an amazing principal and is perfect for the POP. He is in the classrooms every day. He is not afraid to pick up a little one who's crying and carry them into the school and assure the parents that their child will be fine. He encourages the kids to join in all the school activities. He is supportive of all the teachers and always checks to make sure we have what we need to make sure the kids get what they need. 

 Preschool is a challenge to teach, people think it's just baby sitting and playing with kids, but we have standards and expectations just like all other grade levels. In addition, we have a much higher ratio of special education students and students with much higher needs integrated into our classrooms. Ryan understands this and is supportive of ALL students and does everything he can to assure all students are supported and have the best preschool experience. Ryan is always there to greet the students and families and the kids all know his name, and half don't remember their teacher's names. 😁 

The POP is a constant juggling act to keep classes in ratio and to make sure the students with higher needs get the support they need, and Ryan is a master. Every day, there's a new schedule of coverage for classrooms, which includes him. He doesn't shy away from the hard work but doesn't allow others to either. He respects his teachers and staff and in return gets respect from us."

Submitted by: Emily Piper Allen




Photo of Ron SalazarRon Salazar – Academy High School

"Students are at the heart of every decision Ron Salazar makes at Academy High School every day. His number one goal is to keep his students and staff safe, and his second goal is to help students succeed academically by keeping them at school each day and providing multiple levels of academic opportunity to meet graduation requirements through rigorous classroom instruction and Canvas Credit Recovery Courses. Ron is visible in the building by being on duty each morning greeting students as they arrive, in the hallways between classes encouraging them to get to class on time, ready to learn, in classes every day possible, and at dismissal wishing them a wonderful evening. Ron's presence in the building reinforces our school motto of RESPECT and he is the first to remind students and staff of our mission, vision, and commitments as often as needed. He believes and practices restorative justice when students make mistakes, offering each student the opportunity to learn from their mistakes and return to learning. Ron is an exceptional systems thinker, and the first to see when a system isn’t working and needs to be adjusted, changed, or even replaced with a new system. Ron is a teacher’s leader. He hasn’t forgotten what it means to be a teacher in a classroom – managing behavior (wearing masks, putting phones and earbuds away, remembering your Chromebook and having it fully charged, remaining in class after learning through a pandemic at home), using priority standards, learning new curriculum, implementing interim assessments, planning through the DDI model, and incorporating class meetings through Olweus. To be an effective leader as Ron practices every day means that he makes every decision with the district goals, teacher expectations, student need, and community voice in his heart, on his mind, and through his actions. It is an honor to recognize Ron Salazar, Director of Academy High School."

Submitted by: Mary Joe Gonzales