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School-Based Clinic Survey

Mapleton Public Schools School-Based Clinic  Surveys for Students, Parents, and Community Members

Mapleton Public Schools plans to open a school-based clinic on the Skyview Campus. This would be a clinic where students can receive a variety of health services (medical care, dental care, counseling services, health education, etc.), and may be an option for community members if determined to be a priority in this process. Your feedback is very important for us to understand the health needs of students in Mapleton Public Schools and what services are most needed. This survey is anonymous, so your answers will not be linked to you in any way.


What does a school-based clinic do? 

  • Serves youth with parents’ permission regardless of insurance or ability to pay (often no or low cost).
  • Students receive healthcare in school, making it easier to get regular preventive care.
  • Treats acute and chronic health problems and returns students to class as soon as possible. 
  • Parents don’t have to miss work for their child’s minor health problems. 
  • May be another option for community members if the community determines it.

Thank you for your input!


Community Survey- English

Community Survey Spanish



Parent survey - English - Updated 11/15/23

Parent Survey - Spanish 



Staff survey