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Election Update

2018 Election Results

Mapleton community,  

Even without a bond or mill levy on the ballot, last night’s election results bring new opportunities to Mapleton Public Schools, as well as a renewed commitment to the school funding conversation happening within our community and our state.

Our community overwhelmingly supported our Board of Education’s proposed director districts. This is particularly exciting for us because it assures that moving forward, all Mapleton neighborhoods will be represented on our Board of Education. With new neighbors and new neighborhoods, it is important that neighbors represent neighbors. The new director districts do not mean any current Board member will lose his or her seat. The director district process will begin with the 2019 election cycle. To learn more about our director districts, click here.

As you might recall, last May we were listed as a first alternate to receive BEST grant funds, should another school district be unable to provide a match. It is looking like the bond initiative in at least one awarded school district was unsuccessful. This means we will be able to apply close to $11 million in BEST funds toward the construction of Global Intermediate Academy. We have been on the losing side of important elections in the past. We know the needs in these school districts are real and will not go away. However, we are grateful for the opportunity to stretch our bond dollars and will use this moment to inform and inspire the school funding conversation in Colorado. We are a fortunate and resilient community. Whether in our schools or in our state, we stay dedicated to the belief that all students deserve a high-quality education and beautiful, 21st-century learning environments.

To that end, it was unfortunate to see that Amendment 73 did not pass. Amendment 73 would have injected $1.6 billion dollars into Colorado’s public schools. Specifically, Mapleton would have received an estimated $14 million dollars in additional funding a year. This funding would have been used to recruit and retain high-quality staff, support our capital construction program, and enhance school security, among other priorities. A heartfelt thank you to those of you who spent your weekends canvassing our neighborhoods and informing our community about this important ballot measure. Your efforts made a difference, and are a shining example of how we continue to seek the very best for our students and our community.  


With gratitude,