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Adventure students share experiences at Cal Wood!

Students at Cal-wood Adventure students share pictures, stories from Cal-Wood with the Board of Education

For November's What’s Right in Mapleton presentation to the Board of Educationsixth graders from Adventure Elementary shared their experiences at Cal-Wood, an outdoor education center located near Jamestown, Colorado.

Cal-wood’s science-based environmental education program is an overnight outdoor immersion program for elementary and middle school students. Every year, students from many Mapleton schools get the opportunity to take their learning out of the classroom and into the wilderness thanks to the programs offered through Cal-wood. Their experiences are unique, profound and memorable.

Adventure’s sixth graders had the opportunity to visit Cal-wood October 24th through the 26th. This trip was made possible by a scholarship through Cal-wood, generous support from the Mapleton Education Foundation, and support from the Board of Education. For many students, a visit to Cal-wood is their first time away from home. While at Cal-Wood, students went on a seven-mile hike, learned survival skills including shelter building, and valuable lessons in teamwork and friendship.

Cal-Wood also encourages students to not waste resources, including food and water. After every meal, students weighed the food that they did not finish. Adventure's sixth graders were the first school this year to reach zero food waste while at Cal-Wood!

"Cal-Wood is something kids like to do because it makes us push ourselves to do things we never thought we could," said Diamond M.