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Attendance Awareness Month



Mapleton's teachers pack a lot of learning into every school day. How much, you ask? Check out this video to see all of the amazing things that happen in just one school day in Mapleton!

The average yearly attendance rate in Mapleton Public Schools is around 92.3 percent, which is close to the state average, but lower than the district’s goal. Mapleton continues to prioritize consistent attendance for every student in an effort to raise student achievement. Nationally, September is Attendance Awareness Month, which also gives Mapleton the opportunity to communicate the importance of consistent attendance at the local level through our “Be Here, Get There” campaign. In August, Mapleton's Board of Education approved a proclamation declaring September Attendance Awareness Month. 

Be here – in class, on time, every day, to get there – your dream college, the perfect job, your vision of success!   

Families and schools can work together to prevent absences whenever possible. Some absences are unavoidable, for example, when students have a serious or a contagious illness. But many absences can be prevented by identifying and resolving barriers to attendance. Are there any barriers preventing you and your family from achieving perfect attendance this year? Your school director might have resources to help!


According to, students who missed fewer than two school days in September typically have good attendance rates for the entire year. On the other hand, poor attendance in the first month of school is often a predictor of chronic absenteeism, defined as two or more absences per month, for the entire school year.


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