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Audio systems bring new clarity to the classroom

redcat audio device Eighth-grade students at Meadow Community School got to be one of the first groups to try out Mapleton’s new classroom audio system, the Redcat Presenter. The Redcat system creates an even distribution of sound ensuring all students can hear and understand what is being said.

The wireless microphone and portable speaker amplifies the voice of the teacher, so masks block the germs without muffling the message.

“I think it really helps,” 8th-grade student Jasmin M. said. “Especially now with the masks, it makes your voice more clear and easier to understand.”

On Friday, Sept. 18, Mr. Ornela’s class conducted a mock trial of “Christopher Columbus vs. The People” in the library. To ensure everyone in the space could hear the details of the trail, students made use of the new audio system when giving their opening and closing statements, as well as witness questions.

“I like it,” said 8th-grade student Brayden M. “I could talk in my normal voice and everyone could still hear me.”

The hands-free microphone is worn much like a necklace and allows speakers to talk freely without needing to hold anything. Starting next week, teachers throughout Mapleton will begin to implement this technology into their classroom to ensure clear communication to all students.