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Meadow students share important message at Crush Walls - one of the largest street art festivals in the world

Crush Walls

crush walls final design

Two of Meadow Community School’s eighth-grade students got the unique opportunity to participate in Colorado Crush Walls, one of the nation’s largest street art festivals. The event features artists from all over the globe and has been a catalyst for creative expression in Denver for more than 11 years. The students, along with their art teacher Mr. Jonathan Miner, assisted is designing and painting a large mural in the Rino Arts District. Out of more than 700 applications, Mr. Miner was selected as one of the lucky one hundred artists to take part in the event!  


Mr. Miner asked his students to develop a sketch of something that was important to them. The design the students came up with was centered around peaceful protests for racial equality using popular Disney and video game characters leading the march. The opportunity allowed the middle schoolers to see their concept come to life on the Crush Walls, with them leading the charge on all aspects of the mural design creative process. The response from the public was overwhelmingly positive and everyone involved left with a great sense of pride and excitement! To learn more about Crush Walls visit their website here.