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How Meadow does Remote Learning

As Mapleton makes the transition to remote learning, students and staff at Meadow Community School are feeling prepared and optimistic about the remainder of the semester.

Jill Bolton, Meadow’s Director, attributed a nearly perfect attendance record on the first day of remote learning to a variety of steps the school was able to take in preparation for this very moment.  Blended learning was key in helping students become familiar with Canvas and learning in a remote setting. Blended learning is the meaningful integration of in-person and digital learning experiences. At its core, blended learning allows teachers to extend their reach in meeting the various and varied learning needs of their students. This approach supports teachers in using technology to offer students flexible, engaging activities in a classroom or in a home-learning setting. 

Meadow also conducted practice remote days, which further helped students and staff prepare for the possibility of rolling into remote learning. Teachers noted that in comparison to the remote learning that occurred last spring, they felt as though they had a better grasp on what to expect. Overall, the staff at Meadow are extremely pleased with how their students are responding to remote learning, from their attendance to their use of technology, students have shown up (even early) ready to learn!

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