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MEC Children’s Fundraiser

A group of Mapleton Early College seniors recently raised $950 in a “Penny Wars” fundraiser benefiting Children’s Hospital! A Penny Wars fundraiser is a fundraising competition where two or more groups collect coins and bills to raise money for a cause of their choosing.


The MEC students chose to divide the money between two funds:


  • The Patient Family Aid Fund - helps to cover expenses for families when traveling to Children’s Hospital Colorado for treatment.


  • The Medically Indigent Fund – helps cover the cost of care for patients and their families.


The attached picture was taken during a meeting between the students and Mapleton nurse, Jess Francois, who helped with the process and connected the students to the Philanthropy Team.  


Kelly Hercher, from the hospital’s Philanthropy Team, expressed her appreciation to the students with this message:


When we’re able to tell a family: “I understand that you’re already going through so much because of your child’s diagnosis. Do not worry about having to pay for a hotel room tonight, or do not worry about paying for your medical bills… we’ve got you covered because of the students at Mapleton Early College.” That is amazing!! 

Thank you so much for your tremendous support of Children’s Colorado and for helping to make a meaningful difference in the lives of our patient families. I’ll look forward to joining you on Monday morning! 

With gratitude, 



Well done, seniors!