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Kindergarten at Adventure

Sure, kindergarteners at Adventure Elementary may be small, but they are BIG on learning!


Adventure Elementary is an Expeditionary Learning (EL) Education school where students learn by doing, with a particular focus on character development, mastery of knowledge and skills and high-quality work. Kindergarteners in Miss Martinez’s class are no exception!


Miss Martinez’s full-day kindergarten class incorporates socioemotional learning, or the process of developing and using social and emotional skills, into every aspect of their curriculum. Students are constantly learning the value of teamwork and working to identify and manage their emotions. This year, students explored their world through engaging topics, including weather, toys in play, and trees. Miss Martinez noted that the tree unit was their favorite. “They loved learning about the red wood tree and are obsessed with identifying trees whenever we go outside,” she said about her kindergarteners.


Adventure’s full-day kindergarten program offers both Spanish and English literacy with a heavy focus on reading and phonics instruction. This offers young learners an impressive educational foundation for the rest of their academic journeys.


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