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It’s Colorado Applies Month!

It’s Colorado Applies Month! Get connected to careers and resources, and prepare for Colorado Free Application Days in October!


To  encourage  more Coloradans to continue their education,  Governor Jared Polis  announced  today, Oct. 8, that all 32 public colleges and universities in Colorado, as well as several private institutions, will allow students to apply for free from Tuesday, Oct. 19 through Thursday, Oct. 21, 2021,  as part of  the  fourth  annual  Colorado Free Application Days.  


When is Colorado Free Application Days?

Colorado Free Application Days take place on from Oct. 19-21 only. All public and some private institutions will waive application fees on those days.


How does it work?

You must submit a completed admissions application from Oct. 19-21, 2021. Any admissions applications that have been started but not submitted may not be granted a waiver.


Each institution will have a unique process to waive the admissions application submission fee. Visit the Colorado Free Application Days webpage to find specific information by institution.