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Student Bus Riders of the Month

Congratulations to our September Student Bus Riders of the Month!

Artie is a 5th grader at Monterey Community School.  He was nominated by his bus driver, Jennifer Rivera.  Jennifer shared the following, “Artie is a student that is kind-hearted and has always helped me out with the younger students.  He will entertain the students by talking to them about games he plays. This keeps the students totally focused and in their seats. If a student needs assistance, he will be the first to volunteer”.  Thank you Artie for being a great helper!

Alexa is a 9th grader and attends Academy High School.  She was nominated by her bus driver Sara Jackson.  Sara shared the following, “Alexa has experienced some tough times during the past couple of years.  This school year, she found a way to channel her energy in a positive manner. Alexa has joined both ROTC and volleyball.  I am so proud of her."  Congratulations, Alexa!

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