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PSOCs in Mapleton

District PSOCs (Post-Secondary Option Coaches) are licensed school counselors who work to maximize student success, promoting access and equity for all students.


Mapleton’s PSOC team consists of seven school counselors who assist students and parents in understanding and attaining high school graduation requirements. Additionally, PSOCs help students explore and prepare for options after high school. This may consist of supporting students in continuing their educational goals, scholarship searches and support, or employment opportunities available post-graduation.    


Post-Secondary Option Coaches work with students from the first day of their freshman year to the day they receive their high school diploma, providing the tools each student needs to apply to the colleges and universities of their choice and access to the scholarships and resources needed to get there. Counselors also provide practical help with resumes, college selection, trade or certificate programs, FAFSA completion, and the concurrent enrollment process (taking college classes while still in high school).  


Do you currently have a high school student or will you in the 2022-23 school year? Here are some helpful tips that families should know about your child’s PSOC!


When should I first reach out to my child’s PSOC?


As soon as possible! It’s important to meet with your PSOC at least three times a year, beginning your freshman year. It’s never too early to start having conversations about your child’s interests, skills, high school planning and post high school graduation goals with their PSOC.


What should I talk to my child’s PSOC about?


PSOCs are available to provide guidance to families on topics involving post-secondary success, in addition to identifying resources and finding solutions to enhance your child’s high school experience. PSOCs connect students to different programs, clubs and out of classroom activities that match your child’s interests and goals.


Are you interested in contacting your child’s PSOC? Below is the contact information for Mapleton Public Schools PSOCs:


Academy High School – Michelle Barrott Jackson (9th and 10th graders); Kim Adams (11th and 12th graders)


GLA – Carolyn Quayle


Mapleton Online – Monica Johnson


MEC – Xiomara Ortiz


MESA – Noelle Roni Gebre-Marian


North Valley - Michelle Barrott Jackson


York – Jennifer Luscombe


Your PSOC can be a valuable partner in your child's education and preparation for life beyond school, reach out to today!