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Achieve Academy builds culture of leadership, learning, and belonging

Have you checked out Achieve Academy lately?

Teacher talks about birds

In its first full year as an EL Education School, Achieve Academy (K-8) is busy building a culture of leadership, learning, and belonging.

EL Education is a nationally recognized model which defines student achievement as the mastery of rigorous content, development of positive character, and creation of high-quality work. Other EL Education schools in Mapleton include Explore PK-8, Mapleton Expeditionary School of the Arts, Trailside Academy, and Welby Community School of the Arts.

What does this look like at Achieve Academy? For staff and families, it means treating students as the geniuses that they are.

Expeditionary Learning picture

“At Achieve Academy, we are focused on creating the conditions for each student genius to shine,” said Dr. Kevin King, Achieve Academy School Director. “It’s about treating students as scientists.”

This year, Achieve’s K-8 “scientists” are busy investigating real-world problems, such as water scarcity, pollution, and natural disasters, and creating real-world solutions.

Achieve Academy is also focused on leadership, and creating opportunities for students to discover their inner leader. From leadership electives to Student Council, to student-led conferences, all students have the opportunity and explore and expand their leadership skills.

As one of the “Final Four” school buildings to be replaced, students, families, and staff will get to spend the next few years designing more functional and intentional learning spaces for generations to come.