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Academy High School teacher named Colorado Bioscience Association Educator of the Year

Students in Ms. Lindsay Schultz’s biology class at Academy High School recently wrapped up a comprehensive – and sophisticated – project about pancreatic cancer. Students explored the ongoing research of big medical companies, created diagrams detailing how cancer travels through the body, and synthesized their learning in a pamphlet geared toward helping children understand cancer.  

“My students really rose to the occasion,” said Lindsay. “They did an amazing job.” 

And, considering Lindsay was just named the Colorado Bioscience Association (CBSA) Educator of the Year, it’s no wonder her classrooms are full of budding scientists, talented chemists, aspiring machinists, and future educators.  

Science teacher gives high five to student

The CBSA selected Lindsay for her continued efforts to bring the life sciences curriculum and career awareness to her classroom. Lindsay recently participated in the CBSA’s Research Experience for Teachers, where she was involved in STEM-based, industry-relevant projects aimed at helping increase student engagement and interest and STEM topics and careers. She also built important relationships with industry leaders to help bring the critical skills needed in the workplace into her classroom.  

Lindsay said that representatives from biotech companies shared that there is a lack of qualified people pursuing jobs in that field. “If we can start building that interest in high school, we will have people interested in those careers down the road,” Lindsay said. 

And, it’s not just about being a chemist or biologist, Lindsay said. “There are people who are skilled and knowledgeable about machine work and need to build the parts, there are teachers, there are so many different ways to get into the biotech industry and starting to build interest at a young age in the first step.” 

In her award letter, CBSA shared, “We would like to recognize your continuous efforts tolearn new content, find new classroom resources, and make industry connections for your students! Your efforts to bring real world problems and industry partners to your classroom should be applauded, and we are excited to recognize your work to positively influence the lives of your students and the future workforce of our life sciences industry here in Colorado, THANK YOU!” 

Academy High School Director Edgar Torres said Lindsay truly stands out as an inspiration to her students.

Her teaching style is remarkably engaging, as she effortlessly brings the world of science to life, both within and outside the classroom,” he said. “One of her outstanding qualities is her knack for connecting scientific concepts to real-world applications, enabling her students to actively interact with the subject matter through hands-on projects and discussions, which fosters a deep understanding and appreciation of the natural world. What sets Lindsey apart and makes her an irreplaceable teacher at Academy High School are the exceptional relationships with her students. She creates an environment where learning is not only enjoyable but also profoundly meaningful.” 

Lindsay will be honored at the Annual CBSA Awards Celebration on Thursday, Nov. 16, in the Seawall Ballroom at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts. 

Congratulations, Lindsay, and thank you for making a difference in Mapleton!