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Mapleton's Be Here, Get There!

Mapleton's Be Here, Get There Initiative!

We are very excited to share with you that for the month of September, our school-wide attendance hit 95%! Although 95% is considered a good rating, our school goal is to be above 95% so we can hit an excellent rating. Please do your best to make sure your student is coming to school daily and is arriving before the late bell at 8:25 a.m. Below is a breakdown of September attendance for each grade level:

  • Pre-school: 97%...EXCELLENT job!
  • Kinder: 93%...We will get there!
  • 1st grade: 94%...NICE job!
  • 2nd grade: 95%...GOOD job!
  • 3rd grade: 95%...GOOD job!
  • 4th grade: 95%...GOOD job!
  • 5th grade: 92%...We will get there!
  • 6th grade: 93%...We will get there!
  • 7th grade: 97%...EXCELLENT job!
  • 8th grade: 98%...AWESOME job!

Time lost in the classroom - excused or unexcused - can quickly create academic challenges for children.  Encouraging regular school attendance is one of the most powerful ways schools, families and communities can work together to prepare students for success in school and in the workforce.