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Mr. Salazar's Dojo Update

Achieve Academy Community!

I wanted to thank everyone who came to Haunted Halls at Achieve! We had a great turnout! A special thank you goes out to the parents who donated candy. Your generosity provided our students with an amazing experience!

We took a small dip in attendance for the month of October. We hit 94% for the entire school. Remember, our school goal is to be above 95% so we can hit the excellent rating. Below is a breakdown of October attendance for each grade level:

Pre-school: 94%...Keep working hard to get there!
Kinder: 96%...Awesome...Awesome...Awesome!
1st grade: 93%...Keep working hard to get there!
2nd grade: 95%...Good job!
3rd grade: 93%...Keep working hard to get there!
4th grade: 96%...Awesome...Awesome...Awesome!
5th grade: 93%...Keep working hard to get there!
6th grade: 94%...Keep working hard to get there.!
7th grade: 96%...Awesome...Awesome...Awesome!
8th grade: 93%...Keep working hard to get there!

I wanted to thank all of you for attending Parent-Teacher Conferences! They were a great success! We had close to 90% attendance school-wide! The staff and I greatly appreciate your commitment to the learning of your student’s! Please do not hesitate to contact the classroom teacher if you want updates on your student’s academic and social progress!

The cold weather has arrived! Please make sure your student is dressed for the temperature. If there is any visible precipitation (rain or snow) we will be allowing indoor line-up. We will also be allowing indoor line-up when the temperature is below 32˚. This will also include if the wind chill is below 32˚. If you are having trouble obtaining adequate cold weather apparel for your student, please inform the office or the classroom teacher and we will do our best to assist your student.

Important dates for November:

-Friday, November 8th: No School for students

-Monday, November 18th: Report cards mailed home for 6th-8th grades

-Wednesday, November 20th: Report cards sent home for Kinder-5th grades

-November 25th-29th: Fall Break...No school for students and staff

Thank you for supporting Achieve Academy!
Mr. Salazar