Teacher Cadet Program

Teacher Cadet Program 

One aspect of Mapleton that has become clear in my time here, is that the district is invested in giving students a variety of curriculum opportunities to help them realize – and access – their full potential. Recently, I spoke with Kristi Evans to learn more about Mapleton’s Teacher Cadet Program. Kristi serves as the coordinator for the program, which is in its inaugural year in Mapleton, but has been in Colorado for 20 years. The program is currently offered to students at Mapleton Early College High School and Big Picture College and Career Academy and is an amazing opportunity for students to receive a *guaranteed* internship!


Teacher Cadet is a year-long concurrent enrollment honors course for high school juniors and seniors. As program partners, Front Range Community College is able to offer students college credit for completion of the program. The course is designed to provide students with an in-depth look at the profession of teaching, however, Kristi highlighted that many students who participate in the program are unsure if they will pursue teaching as a profession.


“Whether you are looking to be a teacher or not, if you are looking to build leadership, reading, writing and presentation skills, this is the program for you,” Kristi said.


The program also serves as an English class, meeting every school day, and fulfills all of the English standards required for graduation. In addition, students will complete a fifty-hour field experience in a school classroom (this will occur second semester of next school year provided it is safe to pursue in-person internships). Currently, students in the program are participating in a modified field experience with teacher activities that are not in a classroom environment.


Potential cadets should be prepared for a rigorous yet rewarding college-level course that moves quickly and is assured to equip you with a strong work ethic and the ability to produce quality educational material.


Carolina M., a cadet attending MEC, said this about the program, “Personally, I believe that all students would benefit from this class, even if they don’t want to become teachers, because it teaches you how to communicate and be a leader in a community.”


Even though beginning a new program right before a pandemic can pose challenges, Kristi is confident that this course will instill students with transferable practices and skills that will be beneficial for any profession they choose in the future.


Students interested in the Teacher Cadet Program can contact Kristi at 303.853.3091 or evansk@mapleton.us.