New Teacher Orientation

And just like that, Mapleton is gearing up for the next school year!


This week, Mapleton welcomed 89 new teachers with one of the most valued traditions in the district, New Teacher Orientation (NTO). The purpose of NTO is to welcome our new to career and new to Mapleton team members. This multi-day event also gives returning staff the opportunity to celebrate our work, our people, and our community. After a year of distance, Mapleton was grateful to gather in-person, and the Director of Teaching and Learning, Allyson Mallory, Ed.D, invited me to join in on the in-person fun!


The theme for this year’s NTO was “World of Opportunity” to “illustrate that every day educators have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of each and every student,” Ms. Mallory noted. New teachers were grouped in their school teams where they took part in several team building activities, including the Marshmallow Challenge where teams were tasked with building a free-standing structure with creative constraints – the requirements and limitations we have to address in order to achieve a goal. This was a perfect lesson is pushing through adversity by leaning on the strengths of team members to achieve a common goal.


Teachers at NTO also helped to kick off a larger campaign Mapleton will continue throughout the school year called, #WhyITeach. Teachers created personal signs detailing the reason(s) why they are passionate about their profession. All teachers are encouraged to craft their own #WhyITeach signs throughout the school year and share them as a part of the campaign. The hope is to have an incredible slideshow filled with these memories by the end of the school year.


New teachers also participated in the Passion Profiles activity where they read eight different profiles and identified the passion that most accurately described who they are as educators. Several teachers expressed how Passion 1: The Child closely aligned with how they teach, and I found that this perfectly described the environment of Mapleton Public Schools. Teachers emphasized how education is “all about the kids” but highlighted that “individualized learning is key for each student.”


Although they are new to the district, these teachers are already demonstrating Mapleton’s mission and values of being passionately committed to the uniqueness and potential of each student.


With the positive energy and attitudes displayed during NTO, I can’t wait to see the amazing work all of our teachers and their students accomplish this year!