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Big Rock Feature Stories

Big Rock Feature Stories

When it comes to goals and objectives, "big rocks" are the non-negotiable tasks, the mission-critical objectives, and the leading priorities. 

As we continue to work toward achieving Mapleton's mission, to guarantee all students can achieve their dreams, the following "big rocks" are driving our progress:

  • Curriculum Components/Support Structures
  • Collaborative Structures/Assessments
  • Talent Management

To better understand our "big rocks" and how our focus areas support the unique learning needs of each student in Mapleton, we are introducing a series of "Big Rock" feature stories. Each story highlights a specific "big rock" and the impact it has on academic improvement. 

 The Show Must Go On

After several weeks of hard work and determination, Mapleton Performing Arts students completed their first musical performance, “You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown,” marking the return of musical theatre in Mapleton since the onset of the pandemic and the first musical in the new Mapleton Arts Center!

 Marchi Mini Grants

In Mapleton, we are constantly seeking new ways to support our teachers in implementing visionary lesson plans in their classrooms. The Mapleton Education Foundation’s Marchi Mini Grant program has proven to be a key asset in helping teachers get creative with traditional curriculum – and budget – constraints.

Data-Driven Instruction in Mapleton

Data-Driven Instruction, or DDI, is an educational approach that relies on information to inform teaching and learning. But how exactly do Mapleton teachers use DDI? Learn more here!