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Graduation 2023

Livestream the graduation ceremony! 


Class of 2023

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Graduation Day is Saturday, May 20!

Help us celebrate Mapleton's Class of 2023! Below please find information about our upcoming graduation activities.

Please note: All days, times, and locations are subject to change due to weather. Please stay tuned! 

Flyer - Important Graduation Information

Friday, May 19:

  • 10:30 a.m. | Graduation practice (Mandatory for graduating seniors)
    • Seniors will meet inside the Rosa Auditorium on the Skyview Campus.
  • 12:30 p.m. | Senior BBQ 


Graduation day - Saturday, May 20:

  • 10 a.m. | Graduation at DiTirro Stadium
    • Graduates should plan to arrive at the Skyview Campus at 8 a.m. Graduates are allowed to park in the main Skyview parking lot (graduates will be asked to show caps/gowns).

Graduation Parking

RTD Welby Station Parking Lot: Families and guests of graduates are invited to park in the RTD lot on Welby Road and 88th Avenue. DiTirro Stadium is a short walk from the RTD station. A wheel-chair accessible bus will be available for guests needing assistance from the parking lot.  

Buses will drop guests off near the student parking lot, Lot D. 


parking map

Monterey Community School Parking Lot (2201 McElwain Blvd., Denver, 80229): Families are also invited to park in the lot at Monterey Community School. Shuttles will transport families to and from DiTirro Stadium beginning at 8 a.m. 

Accessible Parking is available in Skyview Campus Lot A (Clayton Loop) and Lot B (Main Lot). An identifying placard must be prominently displayed to use accessible parking.

Graduation volunteers are invited to park in Skyview Campus Lot C (Back Lot).

Graduates are invited to park in Skyview Campus Lot B (Main Lot). Graduates should be prepared to show their cap/gown for parking lot entry.

Mapleton staff attending graduation are invited to park at York International School (9200 York St., Thornton, 80229). Shuttles will transport guests to and from DiTirro Stadium beginning at 8 a.m. 

Parents may drop their graduates off in front of the building but then must exit the parking lot.  

The accessible bus will stage at the RTD lot but can be summoned to either of the other lots as needed.

Additional Information

Mortarboard Decorations - Letter to Families 

New this year! Mapleton students in the class of 2023 will be allowed to decorate the tops of their mortarboards (caps) for the following purposes (or similar and approved purposes):

  • To thank a family member (parent, sibling, grandparent, etc.), teacher, or friend.
  • To recognize the college or university they will be attending.
  • To display their graduation year.
  • To recognize the branch of the military they will be joining.
  • To display their home state or country’s flag.
  • To express a goal, emotion, or personal characteristic.
  • To identify as part of a group, team, or activity.
  • To display an intended college major.
  • To highlight a formative experience.
  • To express an inspirational message.

Cap decorating is optional, and it is perfectly fine for students to NOT decorate their caps.

Students choosing to decorate their caps are strongly encouraged to trace their caps onto cardboard and decorate the cardboard. If a mistake is made, students can start over with a new piece of cardboard. Mapleton Public Schools cannot furnish new caps if caps are destroyed during the decoration process.

All mortarboard decoration must follow these rules:

  • No advertisements, symbols, abbreviations, initials, words, slogans, patches, or pictures that:
    • Refer to drugs or controlled substances, tobacco, alcohol, weapons, or anything of a sexual nature.
    • Denote an affiliation with gangs that advocate drug use, violence, illegal activity, or disruptive behavior.
    • Are obscene, profane, vulgar, or lewd.
    • Express animosity toward or against a person or a group of people.
    • Threaten the safety or welfare of any person.
  • Only the flat, top area of the mortarboard may be decorated.
    • There may be nothing hanging down from any of the sides of the cap or protruding beyond the edges.
    • Decorations must be flat on the surface of the cap. Three-dimensional items are prohibited.
  • Decorations must not make noise (bells, whistles, etc.)

This is not an exhaustive list and any adornment or message deemed inappropriate or determined to pose a safety risk or distraction will not be permitted. School directors will have the authority to interpret these rules and disallow anything they consider inappropriate for the commencement ceremony.

Cameras:  Friends and family who wish to take pictures must do so from the bleachers. Spectators will not be allowed on the field. GradImages, a professional photography company, will be taking pictures of each graduate after they receive their diploma. A proof will be mailed to your house or emailed to your graduate. You may order pictures directly from GradImages. For more information, visit or call 850.906.3583.

Pets: Excluding service animals, pets are not allowed at DiTirro Stadium or the Skyview Campus on graduation day. The weather, crowds, and loud noises may create dangerous situations for you, your pet, and other guests. Thank you for leaving your pets at home. 

Help us take care of our turf! Graduates and guests are asked to help us take care of the turf at DiTirro Stadium by not wearing high heels. High heels can puncture the turf and create a tripping hazard. Comfortable shoes are recommended. 

Diplomas: Diplomas may be picked up in the Skyview Student Center immediately following the ceremony. 

Questions? Contact Ronaldo Ortiz, Director of North Valley School For Young Adults

Email:, 303.853.1790