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Open Records Request

Mapleton Public Schools records are public unless otherwise protected from disclosure and shall be available for inspection during regular business hours upon request made to the School District Communications Office at 303.853.1018. Inspection of the record shall take place where designated by the Communications Office and will not be disruptive to the operations of the office and be done in the presence of the custodian of the record. There is no duty to create a public record that does not already exist (C.R.S. 24-72-205 (3)(4)). If more than one hour of staff time will be required to respond to the request for records, such staff time in excess of one hour shall be charged to the person seeking access at a minimum rate of $25 per hour, to be paid prior to inspection of the records. Copies may be furnished upon request and within a reasonable time at a cost not to exceed .25 cents per page to be determined by the Superintendent paid in advance.

To make a records request, per the Colorado Open Records law, please complete this form. Completed forms may be emailed to or, or may be delivered to: 

Mapleton Public Schools Administration

Attn: Melissa Johnson, Director of School and Community Engagement

7350 Broadway, Denver, CO 80221