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Volunteer in Mapleton!

Volunteer in Mapleton! 

Partners in Education

Thank you for doing your part to help Mapleton students realize their potential and achieve their dreams. When schools and families are able to work together in support of learning we all move closer to our goal of ensuring the success of each student. Your dedication, enthusiasm, and support are invaluable. 

As a parent, becoming involved in your child’s education is essential to the success of your child, both in and out of the classroom. Recent studies by the National Education Service show that when parents are involved in the education of their children, those students generally have higher grades and test scores, better attendance, and more consistently complete their homework. Studies also show students whose parents are involved in their education often show improved behavior and have lower rates of suspension for disciplinary reasons. 

We are proud to offer a variety of ways for you to take an active role in your child’s education. Whether it be in the classroom, in the library, in the lunchroom or on the playground, volunteers are essential for reinforcing the skills taught by Mapleton’s teachers.    

Background check Frequently Asked Questions



Becoming a Volunteer is Easy! 

STEP 1: Pick up a Volunteer Application and Background Check form from the main office of your school or click here to download a copy of our Volunteer Application! En español

STEP 2: Complete the Volunteer Application and turn it into the main office of your school. Be sure to bring your photo ID and records of vaccinations for background check purposes. Mapleton Public Schools policy requires background checks for all volunteers. 

STEP 3: Make a pledge of commitment to your school and decide how many hours you would like to volunteer. Work with your school to meet - or beat - your goal! Don’t forget to track your hours by signing in and out each day you volunteer!

PASO 1: Recoja un formulario de Solicitud de Voluntario y Verificación de Antecedentes en la oficina principal de su escuela o haga clic aquí para descargar una copia de nuestra solicitud de voluntario. En español.

PASO 2: Complete la Solicitud de Voluntario y entréguela en la oficina principal de su escuela. Asegúrese de traer su identificación con foto y los registros de las vacunas para fines de verificación de antecedentes. La política de las Escuelas Públicas de Mapleton requiere que se verifiquen los antecedentes de todos los voluntarios. 

PASO 3: Haga una promesa de compromiso con su escuela y decida cuántas horas le gustaría ser voluntario. Trabaje con su escuela para alcanzar - o superar - su meta. ¡No olvide hacer un seguimiento de sus horas firmando su entrada y salida cada día que sea voluntario!

How to submit the Volunteer paperwork for a background check.

To submit a volunteer application for approval, you will need to log into your Frontline Central account, go to My Forms - Forms I can Start. Once on this page, scroll to and select Volunteer Application – APPROVED SCHOOL OFFICIAL ONLY. (Only school office personnel should complete). Click on Start this form and upload the required documents. Once completed you will need to click on Submit Form for processing. Please click on the link for step by step procedures: Volunteer Frontline Procedures